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Eight years later, he has guided Auburn to Monday’s Bowl Championship Series title game against Florida State. Malzahn replaced the fired Gene Chizik this season, taking over a program that was 3 9 overall and 0 8 in the Southeastern Conference in 2012. Malzahn, the Tigers’ offensive coordinator from 2009 2011, guided Auburn to its second BCS title game appearance in four years..

Many players with far superior careers didn’t get in on their first chance. Yogi Berra didn’t make it until his second ballot, Roy Campanella his fifth, Billy Williams his sixth and Hank Greenberg his ninth. All had far superior numbers to Puckett..

As a result, many people now consider Kelly a hypocrite for buying a gun. Kelly said that he was only trying to make a statement and wanted to see how easy it was to buy an assault rifle. However, the fact that it is easy to purchase an assault rifle has already established..

“Yeah, I didn’t know it was that much money. The other day I saw a ticker going across the screen. The semi finals was $900,000 (680,000) and I literally almost passed out. 3) How much more owners and players, respectively, will make remains to be seen. The team salary cap was already on the rise this year, going from $58 million to$63 million, because the league has been making more money from merchandise sales and other factors. But that’s pretty this small compared to what the TV deal represents..

The major civilisation in the region was that of the Aztecs, led by Montezuma II. Corts headed for the Aztec capital, Tenochtitln, which was a three month journey over difficult terrain. It is thought that Corts’ arrival coincided with an Aztec prophecy about a white skinned god arriving from the east, which would explain why Montezuma welcomed Corts and gave him lavish gifts.

Sincerely when you truly search out for what you want based on your budget, you’ll always get. Have you ever heard of designer imposter? Before now designer suits was exclusively for those who were comfortable and had enough money. It was always beyond the reach of those struggling to make head way in life.

So does wicked food. The moment you talk about wholesomeness, you drive away consumers. Good is confused with bland. Football has always fascinated fans, not for nothing is the most popular sport in the world, with over 3.5 billion fans worldwide 1. And on the eve of such a massive and great event as the Football World Cup, the marketing industry was ready and about to explore all the aspects of the advertising. Especially at these times, the publicity for big organizations, or even small ones, seems to be obvious: pick a traditional national team or a specific and famous player and associate them or him to their brand.

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Improper waste disposal of household and commercial sectors and air and water pollution are among the top that contributes to the urban environment degradation. Negligent dumping of wastes affects water irrigation and thus results to contaminated water and a breeding ground for illnesses; it also clogs drainage and cause floods and stagnant water. The health risk this negligent behavior brings about threatens the country’s population.

A perfect travelling shoe can make you walk at ease for a distance of seven to ten miles at a stretch. This is the reason you would like to have the best shoe as a treat to your feet. In case you are visiting a museum you should wear a shoe that will help you stand for a long time.

Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. All times are ET. Disclaimer. Stock index. Some 1,338 funds worth $3.087 trillion track the S according to data from Morningstar. The Dow, by contrast, has six funds worth $195.5 million..

Netball performance level is where the intensity and support as such takes place. The performance pathway is introduced into netball and tennis after the players have been scouted for county teams whereas the performance pathway for football is introduced straightaway to the county teams on who were scouted within participation level. The independence of the sports also contrast with one another simply because tennis players gain more independence during match play than the team sports of netball and football.

Can you explain microcuts? I am 60 lb overweight and I about to begin dieting to lose the fat. I been lifting weights for the last couple of months after maybe a decade away. The reason I asking you particularly is you mention depression. First, their own coaches. Many coaches earn at least $100,000 per year to coach one of the major sports like baseball, basketball, or football at a school. These coaches will receive bonuses for getting to the playoffs, winning championships, or breaking school records.

All of the social media content for The Clemson Tigers is created by staff and students at the University. They’ve produced such great material much of which consists of short, engaging videos that according to the University, other college athletic departments and professional sports teams have reached out to Clemson to find out who is behind the epic content. The Clemson VT’s got it all the brains, the creativity, the skills, and a strong partnership with Adobe.

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My life is committed to investing in others so they too can become of righteousness. Is a way for me to express what God is teaching me. May you be richly blessed!. En m alltid kjpe sko som egner seg for deres figur. Sammenlign merkevare sko, og du vil komme ut vite forskjellige stilarter og typer som faktisk passer til din ftter beste. P samme mte br du ikke kjpe sko som du bare kan bre en gang fordi det ikke er verdt det.

That is why in each job and household there is more than one person there. Each person brings something different to the job or the household that helps build it and keep it going the way that it should. We all have limitless things that we contribute to everything that we do on a daily basis, because if we as people didn’t have differences everything would be the same boring thing and who likes that? Limitlessness is a combination of differences that people bring to certain areas of their lives and everyone else’s.

Once I returned to Vancouver I pulled out the broker business card and sent Vito an email. I mentioned the story of my father, and after a few friendly emails back and forth I subtly added that I had tried the 2013 Zenato Ripassa with dad and it was corked. His response was that he wanted to meet me and provide me another bottle.

I like how they call it Asset Based Community Driven development. Thanks to Andre from the Centre for Appropriate Technology for passing it on. There is a bit more about the exercise below, but first a bit about the communities. Doing it for a few seconds to rest is one thing, but don keep them there. You can also lessen the incline if 15 is a little too hard. 7 points submitted 4 months ago.

As I was looking for an image using cultural appropriation, I stumbled across an up to date Mona Lisa on a blog site called Thinking Visually. I think this picture is a great example of this concept and really shows how times have changed. The original Mona Lisa which was completed in 1517 shows an elegant woman with a subtle smirk and a landscape background.

Hey man, with your book in good enough shape + your in house experience, I doubt you be getting in for that low unless it was a top tier Droga esque agency. Even then, an agency of that caliber that won pay you what you worth isn worth your time anyway. Even if they wanted to start you as a junior, you should be able to swing the upper end ($65K).

German products are well known throughout the world for their innovation, engineering and design. Made in Germany is seen as a sign of high quality. But what is not so clear is whether certain products are actually German, and how would one know? Many German products, much like many American products, are made throughout the globe.

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Little wonder Pep Guardiola and Jrgen Klopp collapsed into each other’s arms at the final whistle. This was as relentless, dramatic, astonishing and compelling as it comes. And somehow it ended just 1 1. During Japan’s exhibition, he found Japanese Tiger brand sports shoes firm. Market. Hence the enterprise gave the chance to the inexperienced young man.

“Throughout the four years, I turned my girlfriend to my fiancee to my wife,” James, 29, said. “We got two grown boys and my friends and family, we’ve all continued to grow. That’s just what life is about. It is that collective sense of excitement that has impressed Webber. Stepping out of professional football for the first time, he had noted many differences playing non league. Training for just three hours a week, he said, had an inevitable effect on fitness.

So what is a “reasonable” fee for a footballer? The guy in the Iannucci sketch was right: a thousand pounds is a lot of money for essentially hiring someone to play football in your garden. I could conceivably stretch to four figures for Pogba, although I would be eating supermarket pasta until payday, and Pogba would certainly be expected to chip in with the housework. You do not join Team Liew unless you are prepared to put in a shift..

Resignadas, las instituciones acataron y para el campeonato de 1934 aparecieron dos nuevos teams: Unin Atlanta Argentinos Juniors y Unin Talleres Lans. La aristocracia de la pelota estaba contenta: haban logrado su objetivo, despreciando los problemas o intereses de los plebeyos.La medida no poda ser ms desptica. La fusin no era deseada por nadie; ni por los dirigentes ni por los jugadores ni, mucho menos, por los hinchas.

Brands with injected investment often display the swagger of being well flush with cash. Victoria Beckham has been pleasing the critics for a while now but as she prepares to open her first London store, she ready to really assert her as she put it and show the world that she, a former queen WAG, can turn out collections full of good taste. Hence the demure, voluminous silhouettes in subtle jute paired with flats.

Even though there’s a connection between diet and acne, it’s not exactly fair to throw chocolate under the bus. “Essentially any food with a high glycemic index can increase blood cortisol levels and worsen acne,” says Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Yale School of Medicine. (That includes sweets, breads, and pastas.) “Refined carbs cause your insulin levels to spike, which leads to increased sebum production and clogged pores.”.

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But that didn stop, or even slow, the backlash. On Monday, the world other well known giant beer company, MillerCoors, released a statement on social that obviously took issue with the Bud ad. Believe each and every style of beer is worth fussing over, the message stated.

As I writing this 4 days after the event (publication of the post scheduled on the 5th day), the soreness is nearly gone and I already looking forward to getting back to prepare for the marathon. Throughout the day, excavators continue to scavenge and pick at its skeletal remains. In a few weeks time, the monsoon season will be upon the land, washing away whatever remnants that this structure had ever stood in this corner of the concrete jungle.

They are too heavy to keep it open. This is the deep state of hypnosis. At this state of hypnosis, you are most receptive to suggestions.. Soccer’s new mainstream, family image is part of the current appeal for companies. A lot of the negative stigmas that were attached to soccer have now disappeared,” Brickley says, referring to the violence often associated with the sport. But Mark Mandrake, associate editor of Soccer Digest in Evanston, Ill., contends that the World Cup is not a good barometer of how successful soccer will be in the long run in the US.”.

To understand the grip position it is convenient to talk about it in terms of the bevels on the tennis racket. Take a look at the picture to the right, and notice that for a right handed tennis player, the eastern forehand grip would be at “Bevel 1”. Although Roger Federer can sometimes be seen flattening out his forehand and using that grip, most of the time he uses the bevel labeled “Right Side”.

“The year 2017 was close to goldilocks but this year we expect goldilocks but not very similar to last year. Gradual rising in US interest rate, GDP growth in the US is very strong but not synchronising with the globe. Asian markets are also showing good growth but countered by rising oil prices,” Pradhan said..

Exceptions are always made though, such as McDonalds (which has both red and yellow in its logo!). When choosing your color scheme, keep in mind the personality you wish to express for your business. Do you want your company to portray a professional image? Try using black, silver, and other dark colors.

Once, Converse relied on the perpetual, near singular success of its Chucks. Designers would simply update the colours, the graphics, and the collaborations each season. Was very I hate to say it cut and paste, Case says with a sigh. Add to the distance the following: lethal radiation abounds in space and is, in fact, a major deterrent even for us to get to Mars. To shield it is difficult and makes the spaceship heavy. Also, what kind of fuel can we use to travel for such distances and for such a long time? And what about hibernation? We always see people going to sleep for years in these movies and getting reanimated in a jiffy.

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UV light damages DNA over time, which means people with lots of sun exposure tend to get skin cancer. So if you take melotan, visit a tanning bed once per season, and you normally are very pale, that would suggest you are drastically reducing your UV exposure compared to trying to tan “naturally” or with UV beds.darkdantedevil 15 points submitted 7 months agoSure, but the recent rash of “heroin” overdoses are really “fentanyl” overdoses, because the people cutting heroin with fent aren exactly world class chemists, generally. Much like the contaminated liquor blinded people during THAT prohibition.And speaking of THAT prohibition, wasn alcohol consumption at an all time high? And didn we see more powerful organized crime as a result of this booming black market?Really, the similarities are staggering, and we rolled back alcohol prohibition in time because it was ineffective at treating the problems associated with alcohol.Treat drugs as a public health problem, not a criminal one.

The last thing I would say is that new managers can often lack perspective and empathy for their team members, because they are so focused on their own successes and how good they look. It a tricky time, because new managers don want to get fired, but just being a manager certainly doesn make a person a leader. It takes time and development, and leadership is about caring about the success and development of your team, not just yourself and your own career.

It will not be easy, but in a sport that resists phenoms, Snyder has defied convention. USA Wrestling officials and coaches often say Snyder is ahead of schedule. Jordan Burroughs, his teammate and the 2012 gold medalist at 74 kg, marveled at Snyder’s ascent, from NCAA runner up as an Ohio State freshman to world champ in less than a year.

Noah nurtured a relationship with Helena. Noah knew Helena would not let Paff be put in danger driving to Mono (either by sitting next to him as a known creep or by sitting in the unbelted seat). Noah ment for Helena to possibly die in the accident and for Paff to be injured enough to be hospitalized at ARC.

Both the firm ground and soft ground sole units featured Nike patented Zoom Air cushioning system. Another interesting point to note about the SG sole plate was that the studs were fixed and not removable or screw in like many of the more traditional soft ground boots. The were more the like type that we have seen on many boots in recent years.

Junk food and crab legs aren’t even the worst of it. “Every day we hear of reports of food stamps being used to pay for beer, cigarettes, cell phone bills, and even cars,” Sen. Senate floor in February. Hay muchos momentos de mi vida que recuerdo con cario. Muchos de ellos son realmente de alrededor de una mesa en la que mi familia se sent conmigo. A veces era nuestra mesa familiar en casa, otras veces fue una tabla al azar en un restaurante.

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2) Hyponatremia: sometimes drinking to thirst can give you too much water. This causes extreme electrolyte imbalances and can be very dangerous. Drinking to thirst is probably fine, you will most likely not get too much water that way, but one way to error on the side of caution is to take small sips of water at a time.

’cause of the energy he plays with, said. Competitiveness. I feel like it’ll be fun to go against him. This one is pretty brilliant and can be a good procrastination tool if you work a desk job. I bet you never knew you can play Atari Breakout in Google Images. The people and things that Australians search often centre around the news cycle at the time.

About the choice of material, this type focused on making the design of weather distinctions be prominent and integrated fashion into warmth cleverly. According to characteristics of winter, color selection and collation adopted the design that was different from the spring and summer version CURVES, which can better meet the demand of winter’s environmental characteristic and collation. The mid height upper made a ideal combination between movement and fashion by extending the classic style’s upper design.

First of all, people use raffles in order to boost their fundraising efforts. One of the remarkable features of these kinds of printed items is that they can be purchased in economical price rates. Today, a lot of philanthropic organizations are using raffle tickets printing in order to enhance their endowment campaigns.

He saved par on three of the first four holes with a trio of 5 footers, then steadied himself and carved three birdies out of the next eight holes. His only hiccup came at No. 14, where he read different breaks in the green from in front of the hole and behind it and “just didn’t get committed to which way it was going to break.”.

Signal chain here is just right to left: boss tu2 because it good enough and I like the buffer and I fine tune by ear. Keeley four knob because it my favorite so far will get squishy and woody or be barely there. Dharma drive because it was born in my dreams and built by my friend boost and clean blend and a few other tweaks added to a Timmy circuit).

Either way, this creates a vicious cycle. For example, if you eat a lot of sugary foods, “sugar loving” microbes will thrive, whereas microbes that don’t do so well on sugar may weaken or die. Because the sugar loving microbes are well nourished, they’ll gain even more influence, increasing sugar cravings..

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He wanted a tea party darling for political expediency and he didn’t care enough to vet her out at all. Fuck that and fuck him. She opened the door to Trumpism and all manner of fucking wackadoo right wing trash bullshit. First of all, you need to decide whether you want to be affiliate from clickbank, amazon, ebay, commission junction, Rakuten Marketing, Share a sale, Impact radius and many others. Moreover, other big companies have their affiliate program and you can join too. When you are looking for right company, you need to do due diligence to get the good one with good product and service and sell it to your audience after becoming affiliate.

So what next? Chuck slippers? Rain Chucks? Chuck cleats? Maybe not. But the company remains tight lipped about its plans, assuring only that there more on the way. Case did say that counterparts who work on Converse other brands, such as Jack Purcell and Cons One Star, are the product the same way we did with Chuck II.

Model Sepatu Bola Nike CTR360 Libretto III FG 525170 180 (Original)Barang adalah produk asli dari brand Nike, silahkan cek nomor kode produksi cocokan yang tertera di label sepatu dan box kardus (Nomor harus ada dan sama)Anda bisa mencocokan produk asli dengan cara googling di internet, masukkan kode produksi dan gambar harus sama dan sesuai dengan yang kami jual ( Buka google, keywords : FG 525170 180 terus pilih: image)Produk Nike selalu mencantumkan tahun produksi dan tahun produksi ulang.Produk Nike selalu mencantumkan nama Negara dimana sepatu diproduksiProduk Nike selalu menjual sepatu dengan box kardus dengan label no seri yang sama dengan yang tercantum di sepatu, untuk mejamin keaslian.Kode produksi adalah nomor khusus yang dibuat brand Nike untuk model, warna, dan technologi yang dirancang untuk membuat sepatu terbaik buat Anda, sehingga nyaman dipakai, style, menghindari cidera, dan jaminan kualitas melalui High quality control standart International.Tersedia ukuran 40 40,5 41 42( Standart UER)Harga normal Rp. 759.000, Harga Sale menjadi Rp. 459.000, Pengiriman melalui jasa paket JNE/Tiki (Nikmati free Ongkir untuk pembelian bulan Mei Juli 2014April 29, 2014April 29, 2014 simplisportsTagged apparel football, apparel sport, apparel sport woman, argentina, baju fitness wanita, baju olahraga wanita, baju olahraga wanita perempuan asli, baju senam perempuan, baju sport woman, ball basket, Bayern munchen, bekasi, belanda, blackblue, bola basket, botol minum asli adidas, botol minum asli nike, brasil, brazil, bsd, casual, casual classic, Chelsea, ciri ciri sepatu adidas asli, ciri ciri sepatu nike asli, depok, discount apparel sports, discount equipment sports, discount harga perlengkapan alat olah raga, discount special sepatu nike adidas, event lari marathon, fitness, foot guard nike, footwear adidas original, footwear nike original, futsal, Italy, Jakarta barat, Jakarta pusat, Jakarta selatan, Jakarta timur, Jakarta utara, jerman, jual bola basket, jual bola sepak, jual kaos basket asli nike, jual kaos fitness, jual kaos kaki asli adidas, jual kaos kaki asli nike, Jual Kaos MU, jual kaos olahraga team sepak bola original, jual kaos team nasionl piala dunia 2014 original nike adidas, jual kaos team sepak bola asli, jual koas futsal asli nike, Jual sepatu, jual sepatu asli adidas, jual sepatu skateboard adidas asli, jual sepatu skateboard nike asli, jual sepatu tennis asli nike adidas, Kaos AC Milan, kaos cross trainer, kaos home gym, kaos jersey sepeda asli nike adidas, kaos kaki nike, kaos orbitrek, kaos sepeda statis, kaos treadmill, karawaci, kenapa harusa pakai sepatu asli, leg guard, Liverpool, machester united, manfaat pakai sepatu merek asli nike adidas, online shop equipment, original footwear, original shoes adidas, original shoes nike, pelindung kaki sepak bola, pelindung siku, perancis, perlengkapan fitness perempuan, pompa asli khusus bola sepak basket, Portugal, pusat pemasaran toko online sepatu original adidas nike, runner, sale equipment sports, sandal gaul nike adidas, sarung tangan kipper original nike adidas, sepak bola, sepatu adidas asli, sepatu adidas original, sepatu berkelas, sepatu bermerek, sepatu casual, sepatu casual pria nike adidas, sepatu casual wanita adidas nike, sepatu fitness, sepatu futsal, sepatu futsal paling nyaman, sepatu lari, sepatu lari asli adidas, sepatu lari cocok buat pemula, sepatu lari harian, sepatu lari marathon asli nike, sepatu marathon cewe, sepatu marathon wanita, sepatu nike asli, sepatu nike dijamin asli, sepatu nike original, sepatu original industry brand sepatu nike adidas, sepatu sepakbola, sepatu tennis, serpong, tangerang, tangerang selatan, tas olahraga nike asli, tas perelengkapan olahraga, tas sports adidas asli, tas sports nike asli, tas wanita nike, team sepak bola inggris, tennis, toko jual equipment basket, toko jual equipment fitness, toko jual equipment running, toko jual kaos team sepak bola original, toko jual koas asli team nasional piala dunia brasil 2014, toko jual perelangkapan olahraga asli merek nike adidas, toko jual perlengkapan basket ball, toko jual perlengkapan futsal, toko jual perlengkapan olah raga paling lengkap asli original Jakarta, toko jual perlengkapan olah raga terpecaya terjamin asli original nike adidas, toko jual perlengkapan olahraga fitness, toko jual perlengkapan olahraga lari, toko jual perlengkapan olahraga rekomendasi Jakarta, toko jual perlengkapan sepak bola, toko jual perlengkapan skateboard, toko jual sepatu adidas lengkap, toko jual sepatu adidas original, toko jual sepatu asli nike, toko jual sepatu nike Indonesia original, toko jual sepatu nike Jakarta lengkap, toko olahraga di Jakarta, toko olahraga lengkap Jakarta, toko online jual perlengkapan olah raga, toko online perlengkapan olahraga bisa COD, toko sepatu import, toko sepatu online, toko sepatu original asli murah terepercaya, topi sports nike.

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Forward thinking as these schemes are, they are of no help to the hundreds of thousands of people who live and try to sleep amidst the noise of our modern cities. Over the years, engineering has led to better sound proofing and glazing of newer buildings in these areas, but they do not tackle the problem at source. As a result, nearly ten years ago, the European Union launched its environmental noise directive that requires member states to produce maps of noise levels in large urban areas.

As others have mentioned, I think you will find that most therapists who practice this therapy have experienced it for themselves. I would imagine that if/when this type of therapy becomes legal and regulated, that would be part of the training. As for remaining sober during the session, it’s important that the therapist is fully present with the patient at all times, and that the patient knows they can trust and rely on the therapist to keep them safe.

The corn was cooked and eaten by Steven White at the Salvation Army in Johnson City, Tenn. He not only cooks there but also lives at the shelter. Both he and his wife lost their jobs, then their home. “If you gave anyone else in the field my tee shots this week, they’d be up near the top of the leaderboard,” he said. “I was planning on taking two weeks off and then to practise the week before Barclays [Aug 25 28]. I’ll still take two weeks off from tournaments, but I’ll have to see what the practice schedule looks like.

2. I bought these for gym and running. I have heard that the shox are good for running and they are. Temperature increases alone are also causing economic ripples. Since 2000, labor productivity around the world plummeted 5.3 percent in rural areas, where people tend to work outside, including a dramatic 2 percent drop between 2015 and 2016. That equates to more than 920,000 people leaving the workforce, with more than 418,000 in India alone, the report noted..

4 Angelique Kerber, all were eliminated at Armstrong, which is making its debut this year. Open. Picture: AP PhotoSource:AP. In the end Jetblue could have at the very least offered a better explanation for why the flights were cancelled. The weather was fine between the terminals so there was no visible reason for the flights to be cancelled. If they wanted to redo this situation it would probably be better for Jetblue to actually call next time and ask the customer to voice their concerns.

4. My fourth favorite is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Now I not the type to actually wear eyeshadow regularly, so with that being said your probably wondering why it would be on my favorites list. Not that she would have, of course there were civilians on the ore freighter that the Midgardian can was chasing down, and LAC 216 was the only craft in the area who could conceivably help. Thankfully, the Midgardians were not profligate in their use of missiles, as had been demonstrated every time this destroyer had taken out a civilian ship. And it made sense.

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Check out motorized brushes and other grilling necessities. If possible, maybe you ll want to get some of that engraved with his initials. He would love that. But a mission of this length is not to be taken on lightly. A couple of days your wetsuit starts rubbing on your elbows and your knees and your joints. Burkepile says.

There are numerous gems planners who spend significant time in an assortment of classifications of gemstones, for example, jewel, emerald, ruby and sapphire that are utilized to decorate wedding bands. By and large, the most favoured sorts of wedding bands are the ones with precious stones. For couples who need to go for a more exemplary style and need to wear special wedding bands will likewise discover collectible, conventional or vintage groups also..

Thank goodness for that as he was abusing them and his human family. And I ended up with a very grateful and smart dog. All because the concerned neighbor made a few phone calls.. Up ahead the Emcees were working the crowd when suddenly the race started. Not that I was anxious but we finally got things going! Although we got off to a running start, it was about 3 minutes before I crossed the Start line. Almost immediately the 4:00 pacers started to move up the crowd but I kept to my pace.

Take another look at Ingres The Source. Look at that empty expression. All of that changed with Olympia. Under Armor fitted mock turtle and crew tops are warm without the tight feeling of UA compression apparel. Some still do. The earliest compression gear tops and bottoms were (and still are) tight and form fitting.

In a flat(ish) housing market, it is my impression that with all of the expenses associated with buying and maintaining a home, it doesn become a markedly good financial investment unless you hang onto it for at least 2 or 3 years. (Of course that is different if you buy when the housing market is in a slump). If you really aren ready to stay put for a while, I wouldn buy..

Nike has the world in awe with its incredibly powerful Unlimited campaign. With a series of short films, the sports brand is celebrating athletes from different backgrounds, proving that athleticism knows no bounds. Take the 86 year old nun who’s a record breaking IRONMAN triathlete, for example.

2. But It Still Allows Iran To Continue Enrichment: This part of the deal could be seen as a big win for Iran. The country has always maintained that its nuclear program is being used for peaceful purposes and it has always wanted the international community to acknowledge its right to enrich uranium and use it for those purposes..

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