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Temple plans to continue using his tracker, adding he is in full control over what he shares with his employer. He doesn’t reveal sleep data, for example. Neither is he forced to participate in the company CloudFit scheme. My run was done on roads of varying surface condition. On several tiled sections in front of Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, my footing were a little slippery due to the moss but other than that stretch there were no issues. I also managed to put in several mid run spurts just to see how running fast felt in them.

The WFC (World Football Collective) collection unveils a new model featuring the work of Brazil’s Mano Brown. The WFC line has brought together various football loving creatives such as XBS of NITRO MICROPHONE UNDERGROUND (who’s model is seen here) as well as UK music producer A1 Bassline. Mano Brown’s take on the Gato Premium features a brown leather upper with a gum outsole.

Apple does pay a 1.5% dividend (tech companies aren’t known for big dividends), but that’s small relative to other stocks.Hedge fund titan Carl Icahn has repeatedly pushed Apple to give more money back to shareholders through a bigger dividend or share buyback.Randy Anglin, a 65 year old retiree in Missouri finally got so fed up waiting for Apple to return some of its $175 billion in cash to shareholders that he sold the stock in December when it was trading around $110. He still made about a 30% return on his investment real money since he held it for many years.”I rode Apple to highs up to $700 and down to $386. I still remember that.

She had noticed the peace sign, too. Holding the leashes in one hand, she motioned toward the TV cameraman. “I hope he gets the peace sign in the picture,” she said. As a fashion movement originator of Puma running shoes, the professional product line of COMPLETE series gradually fades out of the runner sight. The main fashion of lightweight and breathable FAAS series shoes of Puma appear on the market made all of a sudden in the middle of last year. This series of shoes has a closer origin with the Puma main runner Boulter.

To my surprise I ended up running the mile basically on my own. I set off pretty quickly from the start line and there were two or three runners alongside but I then got into my stride and kept a consistent pace. It was surreal to be running along Birdcage Walk out in front.

Le football dans la plupart de ces socits a alors servi de ciment, voire de fondement pour certaines socits, c la mise en place de la communaut imagine Prenons l du Congo : ce pays n pas d religieuse (catholiques, protestants et kimbanguistes) ni d ethnique (Bantous, Bakoubas, Batks) ni d linguistique (environ 400 langues et dialectes diffrents). Ainsi le sport, et donc le football ont sembl tre le seul lment capable de souder la nation. Celle ci se fait autour de 11 hommes, missaires de la nation, ayant pour mission de dfendre les couleurs du pays.

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Symbols and icons are the very features and elements that represent your brand in the market and set its identity in the market both domestic and international market. Our symbols are designed in such a way that they generate instant recognition by the majority of public. People immediately get struck and fascinate by unusual signs and symbols that represent something of their daily use..

The aftermath of the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka provides the opportunity to examine the impact of trauma counselors who rush into disaster zones armed with the diagnosis of posttraumatic stress and Western certainties about the impact of trauma on the human psyche.At the end of each of these chapters I turn the focus back to the West, and to the United States in particular. When viewed from a far shore, the cultural assumptions and certainties that shape our own beliefs about mental illness and the human mind often become breathtakingly clear. From this perspective, it is often our own assumptions about madness and the self that begin to appear truly strange.The cross cultural psychiatrists and anthropologists featured in this book have convinced me that we are living at a remarkable moment in human history.

The rate of increase slows substantially as we approach the present day. The S2 is 53% more dense than the iPhone 3G, the S3 is 27% more dense than the S2, and the S4 improves on the S3 by 10%. The iPhone 5 and S4 batteries pack roughly the same amount of energy into their respective volumes.

Before the entire site was converted to the new format at the end of last year, all Cracked articles had a view counter at the top of the page to show you how many people had read it. From about 2009 early 2016, the typical daily “main” front page article, most always a list article written by a contributor like me, could get between 400k to over 2 million views within its first week up on the site (my least read article had 450k, my most read was over 3 million at last count). Last year, just before the new format was laid out, the main front page articles over the previous three months or so were struggling to hit 200k in a week, even when “viral”..

(1) palabra ‘Jehova no representa con precision ninguna forma usada en Hebreo; y (2) El uso de cualquier nombre propio para el Dios unico, como si hubiera otros dioses de quien El tuvo que ser distinguido, fue descontinuado en el judaismo desde ante de la era cristiana y es enteramente inadecuado para la fe universal de la iglesia cristiana. El segundo punto, sin embargo, es totalmente erroneo. De hecho, es una falsa ensenanza!.

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Alabama Crimson Tide college football news, scores, stats and standings provided by. Get University of Alabama Merchandise featuring a. Alabama Crimson Tide Score T Shirts Savor the adrenaline of gameday with officially licensed Alabama Crimson Tide Score T Shirts from the ultimate sports storeShop Alabama Crimson Tide Nike Womens Apparel at The Official Alabama Fan Shop where you can find Bama ladies Nike Clothing, Gifts for fans and alumni..

I have no intent of being at the Olympia. I like training but it isn my life and I not too keen on the amount of AAS needed. My body might not respond very well to it either. Hello guys!!!! There is nothing hotter than a guy in short shorts, but spandex is way better on a guy since you’re able to see the shape of his butt!11 by Elizabeth1988, Oct 27, 2008The other day I saw a guy at the gym doing squats in short spandex shorts and everytime he would squat you could see his g string through his spandex shorts. Extra note, the “g string” was probably a dance belt, undergarment male dancers wear under tights so they have a gentle bulge instead of total genital display. 12 by Tammy, Oct 27, 2008There you have it guys.

The study should be about HOW PEOPLE LEARN. Our system of teaching is so old it does not reach all people. As the study makes reference the same way as getting linguistic stimulation is a form of enrichment, because you are making sound to meaning connections all the time, and you are strengthening circuits in the nervous system that are important for language, music also strengthens many of these same circuits, Kraus said..

To be truly enduring, the benefits of sustainable development must be available to all humans, rather than to just the members of a privileged group. Many of the world’s people live in poverty and in unhealthy conditions. Demographers predict that by 2050, at least two thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas.

I recently adopted a new dog from a local animal shelter. Her name is Sadie and she is a six month old German Shepherd cross. She was abandoned at the center together with her five brothers and sisters. I stedet for den typiske begivenhed swag, overveje tilpassede merchandise, der er en event eksklusiv og kan ikke vre erhvervet andetsteds. Mske kan dette vre noget som en photo booth, hvor gsterne kan tage sjove selfies med firmaets logo i baggrunden. Fotoet kan derefter vre trykt p et element af gsten vlger..

In 1916, brand new Central Premises were opened on the East side of High Street and were added to in the 1920’s and 30’s, including the purchase of the Grand Louvre on the opposite side of the road. An air raid in 1941 destroyed the Grand Louvre and some of the Co op buildings opposite. A modern store was eventually built with arcades and a function room (The Rainbow Suite) on the ‘Big Top’ site, now the home of Mothercare and other retail outlets.

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The list is missing many of the greats (Mini chief among them one they picked was basic by Mini standards. Unconscionable will have to fix this. Look out for a facemelting Mini post soon.) but check it out nonetheless nice survey of billboards that play with (and eventranscend) their format to do it right..

Then the day comes. Their dream is realized. They ARE that athlete living that big life with all the components they imagined one day experiencing (fast cars, the big game, fame, beautiful homes, travel ect). For a moment I was thinking you were talking about Paul Evans. And I was like wtf buys that instabrand. Seriously all YouTube reviewers are so full of shit these days.

The people on this team collect overt, or open source, intelligence. Overt intelligence consists of information that appears on TV, on the radio, in magazines or in newspapers. They also use electronic and satellite photography. Nursing Shoes DanskoOK, they’re not Birkenstocks, but the main other comfortable shoe brand I’d recommend for nurses and medical personnel is Dansko. Dansko makes traditional style clogs that have the super thick sole. I have owned Dansko clogs and thought they were great, with one caveat.

The other way should be to search on line. With numerous merchants on line, you bound to discover some type of deal. You are able to recover from 50 % off of what other people are promoting basketball footwear for. The trail is an out and back easy 3 miles. The trail that runs along the river is called the Nature Trail and is about .75 miles one way. It starts at the Park office and ends at the Spider Lilly overlook..

We have decided in this country that we will no longer eat horses. The view that they are majestic does not mean they are not destructive or edible. In short, common sense dictates that, if you’re going to allow grazing animals on these lands in any fashion, it should be done in a controlled, responsible manner and to the maximum benefit of the maximum number of people..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe Canada Health Measures Survey report on oral health was released Monday by Health Canada, Statistics Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada.”Canadians in general have good oral health and benefit from regular visits to the dentist and from maintaining a regular routine of brushing and flossing,” Dr. Ron Smith, president of the Canadian Dental Association, said in a release responding to the report.Read more:Dental visits: How often do you see your dentist each year? Do you believe in preventive care or fixing a problem? Take our poll.Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests.

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There was a mixed bag of feelings when the first images of the Kyrie 4 came out. Gone was the fuse that was always heavily used on Kyrie models, replaced by suede which adds a slightly premium look. The base of the shoe is still the rounded like the Kyrie 3 but this time there is some kind of flex grove in the middle of the base to help with stability..

Grant an era presidente de Estados Unidos, y la francmasonera era el centro de las especulaciones pblicas. La mayora de la gente no confa en lo que no entiende y, si percibe un elitismo que los excluye, la desconfianza muy pronto se convierte en disgusto e incluso odio. Los nuevos ricos de la revolucin industrial buscaban el estatus social por medio de su membresa en una sociedad exclusiva que tena un alto perfil entre los aristcratas de todos los niveles, incluida la propia familia real.

“We have to go through that darkness, through that chaos and confusion, in order to . Ultimately figure out that the person we are today still has fragments of the person we were before we immigrated,” says Ilan Stavans, professor of literature at Amherst College and editor of the anthology Becoming Americans. Nazario followed a young boy from Honduras searching for his mother in the United States..

The direct trade practice is thought to be more beneficial than fair trade because it allows farmers to make more money. “Many say direct trade beats fair trade, a formal program that tries to ensure fair prices to farmers.” (Allison). I have no grudges held with fair trade but the process of actually being able to call your product “fair trade” is quite costly as opposed to that of direct trade.

Years ago in London I met a man who worked for an auction house. He had something to tell me. Over steak sandwiches in a pub in the West End he unfolded a real life detective story about the greatest prize in sport: the original football World Cup, the Jules Rimet trophy..

The fabric used in these Short Wedding Dresses is skin friendly. Satin and Lace are the key materials used in the product. They make the dress soft and smooth. La Orden Naci en Jerusaln con el nombre deORDEN DE LOS POBRES CABALLEROS DE CRISTO. Hugo, junto con otros 8 Caballeros, pidieron al Rey de Jerusaln, descendiente de Godofredo de Bouillon, un lugar donde reunirse y asentarse. El rey les concedi como donacin las ruinas delTEMPLO DE JERUSALN, y por eso, se les comenz a llamarCABALLEROS DEL TEMPLO DE JERUSALN oCABALLEROS TEMPLARIOS.

Correction: This item originally incorrectly characterized the $2 million in relation to the Woods endorsement effect identified by the Tepper study. It’s a savings of $2 million, not a gain. Had Nike walked away from Woods, the loss would have been $2 million greater than it was, the study says.

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I joined several gyms in Jeddah (some were part of hospital programs), and very few were independent gyms like Concept 10 and Gold’s Gym. And finally, after many years of going to different gyms, which are always crowded with women from different ages, I managed to have my own home gym.And today, after all of that, Nike creates an ad that shows us as a society that rejects working out and stigmatizes women who exercise! I really feel offended! I know not all women in Saudi Arabia exercise, but I am, along with so many women, are part of this society. We exercise, and we observe how people react to us.

Shaker and Grinder in OneYes, there are also shaker and grinder utensils which come in one. They serve as a grinder and at the same time as a shaker. One product which I saw is Braviloni’s Salt and Pepper Grinder Set. Aber warum war sie ber viele andere historischen Persnlichkeiten gewhlt? Und viele haben seit Jahren sagen, dass unser Geld mit okkulter Symbolik eingeprgt ist. In der Tat haben die Vereinigten Staaten die grte Bevlkerung von internationalen Studenten in der ganzen Welt. Die USA sind eines der wichtigsten Reiseziele fr Schler, die von den erstklassigen Unterricht an US Universitten profitieren wollen.

The routine starts in the mid afternoon: Charles Wilson dons his baggy all white jumpsuit and slips on a protective mask. He ignites his pine straw filled hand smoker and prying tool and gets to work, harvesting honey in his back yard. “Sometimes it’s good to get away from politics and personalities and just focus on Mother Nature.”.

Carmichael lynch works to create deep emotional connections between consumers and products. The help companies grab new consumers through passionate, and compelling ads. Carmichael lynch understands the importance of forming a long term emotional relationship with consumers.

I am a bit older than the average gamer, but this really makes it feel so refreshing. I can go where I want, when I want. Its not a linear progression. Padahal sebelumnya, di rumah juga telah tersedia stok bahan bahan kue, jadi perjalanan ke 7 toko itu berjudul bahan Alhamdulillah,akhirnya dapet juga sih. Bertema pop resep dari dapur Blueband. Tapi, tapi, tapi, ternyata belum sukses.

Coots’ research found that the 20 something group is educated, optimistic and far from inactive. The causes that the SMG is involved with include education, health, human rights, poverty, topical issues and long tail issues, with a slight inclination towards idealistic causes such as human trafficking and race relations especially on the part of non working people. Working people, it was found, tend to be more involved with personally relevant issues as their public persona is important to them..

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2 points submitted 7 days agoI have not used PHP in about 4 years now. PHP has been the bastard language I had to support as that “oh we also have this marketing site in PHP” while writing software in other languages. It seems to revisit my life once every few years, starting around 1998.

The other creature was tall, almost rivaling the Doom Slayer in height. Their legs were double joined, like a Hell Knight’s, with two toed hooves. They had four fingered hands and a particularly unusual head instead of a proper jaw they had two sets of mandibles lined with teeth.

38 points submitted 7 days agoI think much more likely, he was applauding the support the fans demonstrated today. They were out in full force and were shaking the stadium with their loud chants. At least they were, up until Moura 2nd goal.Besides, who could the owners replace Jose with at the start of the new season? All the quality managers have just started their new jobs and won be keen to leave work they just started, nor will clubs be eager to part with their managers at most crucial part of the season.

Meanwhile, some retailers are shying away from opening on the holiday: Staples will stay closed on Thanksgiving this year, and H announced on Monday that it too won bother opening on the holiday. Both stores were open for shopping on Thanksgiving Day 2014. And outdoor specialty chain REI surprised the retail world with the decision to remain closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday..

Why would NBC be willing to lose $200 million? The Olympics are a viewed as a brand builder, for one thing: Being the sole provider of the Games to the American audience is something the Peacock Network could really fluff its feathers about. But NBC was also betting that the Olympics would, despite losing money in the short term, pay off later by helping to promote its fall lineup. Anyone who has watched the Olympics now knows, perhaps all too well, that the Matthew Perry sitcom “Go On” will debut on Sept.

Continue reading this postFABLE FIGHT: Mirror Mirror vs. Wrath of the TitansIt’s a box office battle of mythic proportions this weekend as remixed fables and fairy tales go head to head. In one corner, Mirror Mirror, a snarky retelling of the Snow White fairy tale.

As an example, the recent article in the Guardian stated that “The EU has found it hard to push through its that would establish an overarching, legal agreement committing all countries to emission cuts”. So, the EU got what it wanted. Also, according to an African delegate, US has what it wants.

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Back in the wood paneled living room of their Lexington, Kentucky, home that afternoon, Patrick and his parents began an impromptu family meeting about what to do next. Patrick father, Jim, took his usual seat in the big red chair, and Patrick mother, Anne Roberts, sat on the couch. Patrick took the footrest between them, sitting with his hands on his knees.

As his father health insurance covered only two years of growth hormone treatment, which cost at least $1000 per month, Newell agreed to contribute, but later reneged on their promise. First team director Charly Rexach immediately wanted to sign him, but the board of directors hesitated; at the time it was highly unusual for European clubs to sign foreign players of such a young age. On 14 December, an ultimatum was issued for to prove their commitment, and Rexach, with no other paper at hand, offered a contract on a paper napkin.

3. Medications: Some medications like antidepressants are used in treating this condition. One may need to try different medications and doses to figure out what works best for you as everyone may react differently to different medications. Alat ini sering digunakan untuk menggambarkan tindakan yang diperlukan untuk suatu perbaikan proses atau produk. Matrix diagram terkadang disebut juga sebagaiQuality Function Deployment (QFD). Matrix diagram selalu terdiri dari baris dan kolom yang menggambarkan hubungan dua atau lebih faktor untuk mendapatkan informasi tentang sifat dan kekuatan dari masalah sehingga kita bisa mendapatkan ide ide untuk memecahkan masalah.

This was a very quick knit because I held the yarn double and it is knit on size 13 needles. I was able to make the blanket start to finish in about 24 hours total. I loved this pattern. Leg Length Discrepancies And Knee ProblemsBicycles are designed symmetrically. If you’re not symmetrical you’re going to struggle to fit correctly onto your bike. One of the most influential factors on this is a cyclists leg length.

And any man wearing it represents a true mannish aura. Bomber jackets are comfortable, casual and typical. Marlon Brando, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and many more super stars have flaunted bomber jacket, not only in reel life but they have preferred it in real life as well..

It is clear that the Murdoch and News Corp. Is facing the biggest crises in their history. The BSkyB acquisition has been abandoned and shares have plummeted. The third area where I seen some problems this has ended up in litigation the investments. You hear the stories about the business opportunities players are offered, whether it a real estate deal or restaurants. Many have invested in relatively high risk ventures that have not worked out..

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The electronics contain materials such as mercury or lead that can be harmful to the environment and the population.However, there are still many people who do not know what e waste is or how to go about recycling it. According to an article in the Toronto Star, Ontario’s electronic waste disposal program collected only one third of its target goal in its first year of operation. Even with over 500 collection points across the province, a lack of regulation has led to unusable parts being dumped in landfills in North America or being illegally shipped to developing nations.Read moreE waste: How do you dispose of your electronics? Have you researched the practices of current electronic recycling programs in your area? Comment or take our poll.Have you recycled e waste?online survey(This poll is not scientific.

In soccer terms, the Australians made the move into the AFC in 2006, where they are definitely more challenged than in the much weaker OFC. This coincided with a strong period for the socceroos, one that the current team is still overshadowed by. The good news is that given the tough draw, the team can only surprise and probably will focus on the Asian Cup held next year..

A huge achievement and I very grateful, Tollefson said. Always been a dream of mine. Aren all fun and games. All too brief Louise. Unlike your local or national press, there’s no editor here to squeeze your writing into a single half column. I think you could have gone into this a bit more (sounds like your old English teacher, doesn’t it) and developed it ‘pictorially’ not necessarily with pictures, although one or two might go some way to illustrate a point, ‘whether’ or not you’re under the ‘weather’ and need some encouragement (line 2)..

I grew up around several people who professed to be Christians but were not. Or they might just have been born with a questioning attitude. Perhaps they learned in History class about evil committed in the name of God. In a proper rehearsal tutu (like the red one in the picture), the panty is made up of two sections. The top section the part that’s visible above the tutu frill is called the basque. It’s firm and fitted, which gives the frill support so you get a better shape to the tutu.

There are many brands for ladies watches and some of them are Coach, Pierre Cardin, Immersion, IWC,Corum, Nike, Charles Winston,Piaget, Diesel, Dolce, Columbial, Omega, Zodiac, Zenith, Versace, Disney, Invicta, Lancaster, Locman, Lanvin, Chopard, Dior, Movada, Casio, Wolf Design, Chopard, Miss Sixty, Croton, Pulsar, Michele, Ebel, Armani, Andy, Elle, Avirex, Seiko, Polar and Oris but this is just a few. The best brands for women watches are as follows;Seiko, Fossil, Swiss Army, Timex, Bulova, DKNY, Casio, Fendi, Citizen and omega. These brands offer just about any watch style and movement you might be looking for, in a variety of price ranges and they have lots of different features.

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Occasionally he’ll dazzle but you’d be better off putting him in a shut down role. Toews does the same. I would have rather they kept Panarin and developed/acquired more grit/two way players through the draft but there’s other factors to consider namely the salary cap problems looming over the hawks..

In a large bowl, mash the cooked cauliflower, potatoes and onion together. Add the olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Stir in the beaten eggs and 1 c. 10 points submitted 4 days agoUmmm yes I certainty can say that while being unbiased, Brown was drafted to a much better situation and has never had to be the focal point of an offence, I not even necessarily saying that Ingram is better than Brown but you saying there zero debate just doesn ring quite true to me at all.Brandon Ingram averaged more points, assists, blocks and rebounds than brown this year on worse efficiency in 7 more minutes.You can tear down these arguments in many ways including that JB would have averaged more counting stats on a worse team, you could also argue that Ingram would have better efficiency on a better team though so it seems like kind of a wash to me, there are also arguments to be made that if you put Jaylen Brown in the position Ingram was in last year (focal point of the opposing defence, focal point of your offence) that he may not be able to reach the averages Ingram did at all, obviously thats just speculation but I certainty seen no proof that Brown is the guy you can build an offence around and at the very least we have certainly seen that about Ingram.It plausible Ingram would also struggle in a supporting role like brown has too but if you ask me I take the guy whose proven he at least has the potential to lead an offence, but more to the point there is a discussion to be had here.Edit: They are tied in steals, just realised I omitted that 1 point submitted 4 days agoAside from the excellent point that has already been made about his point guard play, I also didn say he is perfect at it yet, I said it proven that he has that capability in his game, therefor it proven he could be the primary focus of a defence on a night to night basis and do at least an average job even if miraculously he suddenly just stagnates where he is now.Feel free to provide counter points but just flippantly dismissing my points with zero evidence seems a bit weird.Edit: I gave you too much credit I actually said he has shown the POTENTIAL to lead an offence, if you really think he hasn show that I must concur with this other gentlemen, you must be blind. 1 point submitted 1 month agoAre you really saying you don think Kuzma had an outside chance of all nba calibre play? I not saying I see that in his future but matter of factly stating he won be and categorising his ceiling as role player at best I think is quite silly to be honest,With the reports we seen on his crazy work ethic and the great offensive rookie season he had, is it really not on the cards that he could improve defensively, get a better handle, solidify his shooting and rebound at a respectable level? Because if he does he really kind of has every tool at his disposal to be a top 25 player.Again I not saying I see that for him but saying there no chance seems a bit like you blindly assessing that due to his age he can improve and I don see that as absolutely trueBall, I feel at the high end can be a triple double machine while only scoring 10 15 points a game and on the low end wolves Rubio seems a good comp, great floor game, sneaky good defence but no shot and gaps in the game.Ingram, I still feel the ceiling with Ingram is almost unlimited, he has the highest low to high ceiling for me, although he has closed that gap a bit this year, however if I was going to bet on it I would say he doesn quite become what he should be due to a lack of fluidity, confidence, leadership and assuming your assessment of his fluke shooting holds up, a consistent shot and therefor would put his ceiling at about 20 Ppg 5 and 5 and passable defence if he clears up some concerns in that are, this last season did a lot for his floor projection but would still say if everything just goes off the rails now he could end up being just a good glue guy off the bench with his jack of all trades master of bone gameHart, I am higher on hart that most. Even taking into account age Hart really had a good rookie season where he showed he further along offensively that expected with solid defence that isn quite as good as advertised due to one or two bad habits, but if he cleans those up I think starting 2 on a championship team could be on the cards, floor is what he is now, a serviceable bench 3 and D playerKuzma, I think Kuzmas potential is pretty great and could see him being a 25 ppg scorer with passable defence in his prime, but only if he works on his on ball game a bit and defence a lot as it stands he a great complimentary piece and possibly a decent scoring six man which I feel is his floor.Randle: I would agree with your assessment of randle mostly however I do still feel Randle has some gears he can get too, the key to unlocking Julius as a true force will be a mid range shot, team defence and most importantly IMO, his handle which is already damn tight for a guy who is slated to play lots of 5, it good for the 4 TBH, his handle is tight these days allowing him to really get his freight train on.Ceiling I feel is a 15 10 and 5 guy if he continues to embrace his playmaking like he did this year, floor is basically TT IMO, hustle big with motor issue and gaping holes in his gameThoughts? I not a sensitive little flower and certainly don keep tabs on young guys around the league or anything so if I have said something stupid feel free to say so,.

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